Oneonta Utilities Board


We need your email and updated contact info!
3/7/2024  Click to learn more.

If we do not have an email address for your account, we ask that you update your contact information. Supplying us with this information allows us to contact you for possible water leaks, water outages, and other important information. We will never sell your personal information and will only use your email for critical updates. Please call our office or fill out our online contact info form HERE.


We would like to encourage our customers to sign up to receive their bill by email. Most bank draft customers donít look at their paper bill regularly when receiving a copy by mail. Receiving your bill by email allows you to view it the moment it is available and cut down on paper waste.

If you are not on bank draft, a big benefit of an emailed bill is receiving your bill the same day billing occurs. This will let you know much sooner how much is owed giving you ample time to pay your bill. You are not required to pay online if you receive emailed bills. You can still pay in person or via mail if you would like. To sign up for emailed bills you can use the same form used to update your contact information HERE or call our office.

We understand that some of our customers do not have an email address and still prefer to receive a paper bill by mail. This option will still be available if you are not enrolled in bank draft, autopay, or text-to-pay. However, the cost of postage and the risk of lost mail and payments have been increasing. That is why we are offering alternatives to receive your bill that are more affordable and secure. These options will help us avoid passing on these rising costs to our customers.
Please share this information with family and friends! Below is an example of what your emailed bill would look like.